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Day of Action: 3rd June '08

Action Reports for 3 June

Email us your action reports or ring us on 07961 917 535 and we'll put them up here!

Nottingham's Free Vegan food Give Away

Climate change and animal rights activists joined together in Nottingham today to give away free vegan food, plants & skipped vegetables.  Passer-bys were enticed to our stall by the offers of free chips, vegan pasties and tomato plants. We handed out leaflets about climate change & food and had lots of chats with people about the world food crisis & our solutions of eating a local, organic & vegan diet. An amazing number of people already grew there own food & lots more were encouraged to give it a go.

We had a really positive response from the public and people seemed genuinely interested in the information leaflets we handed out.

The next free vegan food giveaway in Nottingham is going to be on the 4th July. Also being supplied in this free giveaway (courtesy of FreeRunJuice) will be a lovely selection of the best Australian, Italian & New Zealand wines. We are very fortunate to have a company of the stature of FreeRunJuice to be leaning a hand in our projects. Special thanks to them for the help!

A handful of us then visited Fresh & Ecoworks community garden based at St Ann's allotments. We had a tour of the amazing gardens & saw a brilliant example of local, organic food being produced in the city.  See

http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/regions/nottinghamshire/2006/08/348168.html and


We toddled off home in the rain, chilli plants in hand, inspired to grow our own

See Indymedia for images


Activist occupy labs associated with GM trials

Environmental protestors from Earth First! UK today staged a peaceful protest at the laboratory and offices of the National Institute for Agricultural Botany (NIAB), in Girton, Cambridge. About a dozen activists invaded the site and hung banners from buildings in protest at a trial for genetically modified (GM) potatoes being carried out at the Institute by BASF2, a German based company.

The protest was timed to coincide with a national day of action on food and climate change3 and with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Summit, being held this week in Rome.

Rosie Perkins, a spokesperson for Earth First! UK said:

“Today’s protest was staged to send a clear message to scientists, companies and politicians across the world; that message is that genetically modified food is not the answer to either climate change or world food shortages and we stand here today in solidarity with the many farmers and local food producers across the world who are speaking out against GM crops.

“In recent months, scientists have been pushing and pushing for more GM crops to be grown, claiming they are the solution to many of the problems we face today. However, their claims consistently ignore the social and environmental impacts of GM crops, which include the vulnerability of crops to disease as global agriculture becomes more industrialised and less genetically diverse, as well as the impact of tying food production even closer in to big business and global corporations. We firmly belief that the increasing industrialisation of agriculture benefits neither producer nor consumer and we need to look to a future of low-input, diverse, local food production.�

“The GM trial at NIAB is being conducted under siege-like conditions with high levels of security, including a permanent security personnel presence, high metal fences, alarms and floodlights. The fact that this trial is taking place under such conditions clearly demonstrates the contempt in which the people of this country hold the development of these crops.�

The BASF potato trial at NIAB is one of only 2 outdoor field trials taking place in the UK this year and is a trial for blight resistance in GM potatoes; a further trial for nematode resistance is taking place near Leeds, under the auspices of Leeds University and has also met with local opposition.


Manchester Film and food night

In Manchester over 70 people came to a night of films, food and talks at the University of Manchester Student's Union. The university tried to stop the event when they found out it was connected to animal rights, but we managed to continue anyway! Juliet Gellately (founder and director of Viva! and the Vegetarian and vegan Foundation) came and gave a talk about 'Diet of Disaster' the new report by VIVA on veganism, animal consumption and climate change. Films were shown, including shorts about the ALF and ELF (Earth Liberation Front), the dairy industry, and more. A debate was then had, chaired by Elisa Aaltola, PhD and Research Fellow at MMU Cheshire and Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics,this was an analysis of the ethical framework surrounding animal rights. There was also a range of vegan food, and an exhibition on veganism.
The event was attended by people from a variety of backgrounds; and the debate was very interesting. Lots of people commented that they hadn't considered many of the issues before. It was a great outreach event.

Manchester Climate Action and Manchester Animal Protection will next work together on Sunday 1st when we hold a free vegan picnic in Piccadilly Gardens, 12-4pm, as part of events for the day of action on food and climate change on the 3rd June.
To get involved email: manchester@climatecamp.org.uk

Diary of Planned Events


1 June: Vegan picnic, demo and surprise activity! Free vegan food 12-4, Piccadilly Gardens


31 May: 1 June Bristol Vegan Fayre

3 June: Eastside Roots Bike powered smoothies for commuters! Offering train users bicycle powered smoothies using local strawberries. Film & talks night at Easton Community Centre

4 June: 'That'll Learn You' night at the community garden hub. Talk about food and climate change.

5 June: Food for free walk looking at wild food finishing up at a Community Allotment project for a broad bean burger bbq. Also workshops on soil.


3 June: Free vegan food stall.


31 May: Free vegan food event 12-4 Next to Nowhere.


31 May: Protest against the proposed Combined Cycle Biofuel Electricity Generation Plant. Stall on Myrtle Road, East Ham from 10:30 to 6:30.

31 May: Banner drop from 3:00 to 5:00pm outside Newham Town Hall, East Ham.

4 June: Protest outside the final consultation meeting at Newham Town Hall 6:30 to 7:10pm , Barking Road, East Ham


3 June: Demo & free vegan food give away at Tescos, Victoria Centre,12-2pm

3 June: Tour of Fresh - community garden project & muck in. 3-5pm

24 May - 15 June: Greenweeks - allotment open days, organic growing courses and more!


3 June: Veganism and Climate Change film night

Resources and Background for 3 June

To read about the background and to view the resources and fact sheets for the 3rd June Day of Action click here.

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